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Welcome to the page on Planet Whiskies for Scottish Distillery starting with R. We have on this page the disitlleries of Rosebank, Royal Brackla and Royal Lochnagar. But just added to this page is the amazing new distillery of Roseisle. This distillery was opened in 2010 and was built by Diageo and will be one of the largest distillery in Scotland producing over 10 million litres of whisky. We will have to wait a few years before we start seeing malts for the Speyside distillery, but me personal can wait for this to happen and we be one of the key stones to the future of the Scottish Whisky Industry in the world market place

If you would like to view the malts that are producted from the distilleries below you will need to go to the listing for Scottish Single Malt Whisky Page on this site.

Click the links below to see details regarding each of the Scottish Whisky Distilleries starting with R

Rosebank Whisky Distillery


Roseisle Whisky Distillery


Royal Brackla Whisky Distillery

Royal Brackla

Royal Lochnager Whisky Distillery

Royal Lochnager

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