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Famous Whiskies Bars Worldwide

Welcome to the page on Planet Whiskies for all whisky bars to be profiled on a major whisky website. Over the years we have contacted a few large whisky bars in Scotland and the UK asking them for details and photos of their premises so we could build a feature on this site. Sadly after sending out these email none of the bars decided to get back in touch.

So we are going to use the following pages for any whisky bars that you the readers of Planet Whiskies would like to see on this site. The only condition it that the bar must sell at least 100 whiskies and not just the standard whiskies that most bars in the world have in their selection.

So here is your chance to get in touch with us and tell us your favourite whisky bar. Please email us the details of the bar to and your favourite bar will be on this page soon.

Whisky bars on Planet Whiskies

The Britannia Bar, Borough - Central London

Caledonia Scottish Pub - Manhattan - New York

Whisky Bars - The Britannia Bar, Borough - Central London Whisky Bars - Caledonia Scottish Pub - Manhattan - New York

The Magnum- Albany street - Edinburgh

Teuchters Landing and Teuchters Bar - Edinburgh


The Grill - Union Street

Coctail Bar Max & Dom Whisky - Poland

Whisky bars - The Grill - Aberdeen
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