Deanston Scottish Single Malt Whisky

Country: Scotland |  Region: Scottish Highland Single Malt Whisky

Photo of the Deanston Distillery

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Single Malt Scottish Whisky from the Deannston Distillery.

This Highland distillery is very close to the town of Doune and has a long history dating back to 1785 when it was a cotton mill. The Deanston Distillery is the only distillery in Scotland to have a dam to power all their electricity needs. It was only in the middle 1960 that this building became a distillery.

The reason behind this move was because it was perfect conditions to make malt with the cool, humid condition and the supply of the local water. The water used in its malt is from the famous Trossachs area where the water starts its journey down to the distillery through peat beds. For more details about this distillery, please visit the Deanston Distillery page on this website

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