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This page refers to Scottish Single Malts that begin with L. This page has reference to the age of the whisky and the distillery that the whisky is produced in. There are some lovely whisky brands on this page and my favourite would have to be the Longmorn 12 Year Old Single Malt or the Linkwood 15 Year Old Single Malt. This page includes Single Malts from Islay, Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland.

Where ever possible I have added the distillery website address to the Single Malts below and if no web address is available I have added a link to the distillery page of the whisky so you can read more information regarding these fine Malt Whiskies. More information on the distilleries in Scotland can be found at the Scottish Distillery pages. Remember to browse through the rest of the pages below to view the full range of Scottish Single Malts.

List of single malt whisky starting with the letter L


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