Scottish Single Grain Whisky: Whisky made using a Single Grain.

Single Grain Scotch whisky is distilled at a single distillery from water and malted barley with or without whole grains of other malted or unmalted cereals, and which does not comply with the definition of a Single Malt Scotch Whisky. It may contain more than one type of grain and is typically wheat (the cheapest in the current market), maize (corn), rye and/or unmalted barley. To avoid the use of industrial enzymes, most distillers use at least 5% malted barley which affords introduction of ample quantities of natural enzymes which facilitate the fermentation process.

Over the years the number of grain distillery have deceased, and now there are only eight distilleries left in Scotland. Some of the grain whiskies that are mentioned below are the Black Barrel Grain whisky from the Girvan Distillery, Carsebridge Grain Whisky from the distillery of the same name and also the most famous in my mind the Cameron Bridge Single Grain which is famous around the world. I often get the remark that people did not know there were so many different grain whiskies in the market, but nearly everyone has heard of Cameron Bridge. Single Grain Scotch Whisky is always unpeated and lighter in style than the malts. This lets the oaky flavours come through when consuming this type of whisky.

Port Dundas Distillery: Grain Distillery in Scotland

There is also the grain whisky for the Port Dundas Distillery in Glasgow. This distillery has now closed, but when it was open, you can smell its new batch all over the Glasgow area if the wind happens to be in the correct direction. You could also see the smoke from the distillery chimney all year round and from nearly any place within the Greater Glasgow area. The amount of smoke all depends on the activities within the distillery. When growing up in Glasgow, the smell from this distillery is probably the first memory I have with the whisky industry.

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