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Welcome to the page on Planet Whiskies referring to Indian Whisky Distillery. There are six distilleries at present mentioned on this page and they are Kasauli Distillers, Bharat Distilleries, The Rampur Distillery of Radico Khaitan, Sikkim Distilleries, South Seas Distillery, Breweries Pvt. Ltd and Amrut Distilleries Ltd. All have help put whisky on the international map of whisky and are a great asset to the whisky industry for suppling different kinds of whisky for the international whisky consumer.>

While these distilleries have grown in status this has help India with exports of the famous dram and have all help to create an excellent whisky industry within Indian and their whisky products are become stronger year on year.

More Indian whisky distillery will be on this page in the near future, but if you would like your local distillery mentioned straight away please email Planet Whiskies and I will insert the distillery onto this page. Some of the distilleries on this page have external web links to the distillery own site. This will give you the opportunity to research more information and improve you knowledge regarding the distillery in question.

Also remember to view the links just below this paragraph to read about all the distilleries in the world. There is an amazing list of distilleries and by looking through these page you start to realise how massive the whisky industry is to the world markets.

You can buy most of the whiskies mentioned on this page on-line at The Whisky Exchange. The company have worldwide delivery.

Indian Whisky Distilleries

Kasauli Distillers

Kasauli Distillery is set in the Himalaya mountains and opened in the late 1820's. The main whisky brand is a single malt named "Solan No. 1". This was named after the town nearby called Solan. It was the best selling Indian whisky till recently, but has declined since the early 1980s' because of the stiff competition from the larger distilleries. Other whiskies this distillery produces are Diplomat Deluxe, Colonel's Special, Black Knight and Summer Hall

Bharat Distilleries Ltd

Bharat Distilleries Ltd is based in Maharashtra. One of the whiskies this distillery produces is Golden Chariot Premium Whisky and is a very good seller in Indian with good quality and price. Another brand is Remembrance Premium Whisky and is made by Bharat with a secret recipe and is a very rare whisky. Bharat has a research lab on the premises and this makes the whisky produce always top quality for the consumer. If you like to read more regarding this distillery please visit their website at www.bharatdistilleriesltd.com. You can also view their products on this website by Clicking here

The Rampur Distillery of Radico Khaitan Ltd

Rampur Distillery is one of the largest distilleries in India and produces different kinds of alcohol. The main whisky that is distilled at the plant is '8PM' and was launched in 1999. It holds a record in India for the most first year sales with over 1 million cases. Other whisky brands are Whytehall Whisky, Contessa Deluxe Whisky, Radico Gold Whisky and Rampur No1 Whisky just to name a few.

Sikkim Distilleries Ltd

Sikkim Distilleries Ltd is based in Rangpo, Sikkim and has a few whisky brands like Sikkim Old Gold Premium Single Malt Whisky which is a well-matured malt. Also produces Sikkim Corn Whisky which is very similar to the Bourbon whisky which is made in America. Other brands are Sikkim Special Whisky, Sikkim Shangrila Whisky, and Red Barrel Noble Malt Whisky. More can be read about these product from the Sikkim Distillery, but you can also view their product on this website at Click here

South Seas Distillery and Breweries Pvt. Ltd

South Seas Distillery and Breweries Pvt is set at Tardeo, Mumbai in the Sahyadri mountain range and claims to be the Best Malt & Grain Distillery in India. Two of their whisky products are Gold Rush Whisky and Million Dollar Whisky. Their website has lots more details regarding their brand

Amrut Distilleries Ltd

Amrut Distilleries Ltd headoffice is situated in Bangalore in India. They have increased in size over the years and have been around for over 60 years which is a long time in the history of whisky within India. The contact details for the distillery is Amrut Distilleries Ltd,Bangalore, 560 010,India. They also have distributor site outside India with there main site Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. This site deal with Europe and the U.K. For more detail visit their website at www.amrutwhisky.co.uk

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