Scottish Whisky and Golf - A Whisky insight into Golf

There are two things that Scotland is famous for throughout the world and these are Whisky and Golf. Both of these are tourist attractions and visitors come from around the world to see both of these Scottish industries in action.

Golf which started in Scotland five centuries ago has been around longer than Scottish whisky as we know it, but both have an enormous impact on the Scottish economy bringing in billions of pounds to the tourist industry and merchandising throughout the world. With the likes of the famous golf designers like James Braid, Donald Ross, Old Tom Morris and Dr Alistair Mackenzie all having an active say in how Golf in Scotland now looks today. This sport is as strong as ever and the development of the game has really taken off for tourism because of the easy travel around the world.   

With so many distilleries located near golf courses there is such a high demand for the game and the whisky brands that these to Scottish industries have to go together. They are so important with everything to do with how Scotland looks abroad. One of the major golf attraction's in Scotland is of course the 'Old Course' in St Andrews and if you want to know all about this course please visit 

Just for a quick example of a place in Scotland where whisky and golf is so important is the Scottish Island of Islay. If you are want to go for a holiday and visit a number of distilleries and play golf on the local courses Islay is perfect for you. You can see the beautiful coastline and beaches on offer and play the golf courses, which are link courses. The golf courses are always trying to introduce special deals for playing and you could find yourself joining one of these courses for a period of time and then travelling over to Islay for several holidays over the year while visiting the distilleries on each of the visits. Two of the golf courses are on Islay are The Machrie Hotel and Golf Links and Islay Golf Club.

While golfing is important for the Islay community Whisky is still top and will always be as they income to this island for this industry is amazing, With the likes of seven working distilleries on Islay you are spoilt for choice with distilleries and you have the chance to visit these distilleries and taste sample of the local whiskies. The distilleries that are on Islay are Ardbeg, Bruichladdich, Bowmore, Bunnahabhain, Caol Ila, Laphroaig and Lagavulin. With this number of distilleries available for you to visit you know you are in for an excellent visit to Islay, but remember to leave your car at the hotel as the tasting session will make you unable to drive your car. If you want to buy any of these whisky brands please go to Scottish Single Malts whisky page on this site and you will see a full section of malts available from each of the distilleries.

There are a number of places where you can see a list of golf courses in Scotland. One of the best websites is called Scottish Golf Courses ( . This site has every golf course in Scotland listed and the site is very easy to use split into golfing regions. Also when talking about golf in Scotland you have to mention the Scottish golf magazine 'bunkered'. This magazine has everything you need to know about the latest news within Scottish Golf with their website having regular updates about latest golf tournaments and any other related news within the golfing industry.

One website that is excellent if you are a golf society and thinking about having a whisky and golfing trip to Scotland is the Golf Society Website. This site has everything a society needs to arrange a golfing event within Scotland and also the rest of the UK and Ireland. Each golf club on the site has a special offer for societies to choose from and these are updated monthly so ideally you would want to keep an eye on this site for all the latest society offers.

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