Clynelish Scottish Single Malt Whisky

Country: Scotland |  Region: Scottish Highland

Photo of the Clynelish Distillery

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Single Malt Scottish Whisky from the Clynelish Distillery

This page refers to Scottish Single Malts from the Clynelish Distillery. Clynelish Distillery was founded 1819 in the small Highland village of Brora. At the beginning all the whisky produced was sold as malts and to private customers and were not used in any blends as after the second world war and in 1968 due to high demand from the blenders Clynelish malts were finally used in blends. The need for extra whisky was so great that a new distillery was built to supply the demand, and then we suddenly got Clynelish A and Clynelish B.

This cause produced problems, and the old distillery was closed down the next year before reopening in the early 1970's under the new name of Brora Distillery.

For more details about this distillery please visit the Clynelish Distillery on this website

Selection of Whiskies from Clynelish Distillery

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