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Below are American Corn Whisky products. Corn whisky is the cousin to Bourbon and is fantastic whisky for the length of time it is distilled. This is because corn whisky is mostly on sale within 30 days for it being produced. Some can though be nearer six months before they are put in the shops.

But if the corn whisky is left for a couple of years, you can say it as Bourbon as we have known it. Distilleries produced corn whisky because it has a fast turn around, but some also have the option to keep barrels back to produce Bourbon. Not many do this as it is more sensible to sell the well-known products to the market place and of course the fast turn around with this drink.

On this page there is a fine selection of corn whiskies, with the most famous probably being Catdaddy Moonshine and Georgia Moon. Both of these products are very famous. Moonshine became famous when probation was happening in America as it was easy to make and even fastest to get onto the street. This helps the 'back door' sales of these products as it was easy to shift and was strong alcohol.

There are many films all about moonshine and the illegal acts that were going on with it. But today it is still being produced and does have its right to be classified as a whisky, but only because of the distilling process as I would say a true whisky has to be in oak barrels for at least a set time. But moonshine is certainly the beginning process of producing whisky.

The US Government have strict laws regarding corn whisky and has to a minimum of 81% corn within the products.


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