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Famous Whisky (Whiskey) Distilleries Around the World

Welcome to the distilleries home page of Planet Whiskies, which lists the major countries of distilleries around the world that produce our famous whisky brands. By just click on the below links to the country that is of interest to you, you will hopefully find the information relating to the distillery your looking for as there is a wonderful section available to research throughout the world. In the very near future Sweden will be added to this list and you will be able to read about the couple of distilleries that are present in the area of Europe.

For some of the distilleries that are listed on theses pages web links are included so you can visit their personal website and find out details about tours they have on offer.

When describing the distillery I have tried to give as much information about directions on how to get to the distillery in question and a telephone number whenever possible. This will help if you have any whisky trail planned in the future.

I have also added in a photo of the distillery to bring your experience levels up and also so you can relate to the distillery that you might have only see the bottle for. I really think a photo is a thousand words and really help when you are trying to describe a 'whisky factory' .

Hope this section of the website is useful and if you are a distillery and would like to be listed on this site please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and your information will be added to this site. The more details that you supply the better the coverage of your distillery.

To see the full list of Scottish Whisky Distilleries and see all their history and contact details please go to the Scottish Distillery page on this website. If you want to see the malts available from this Scottish distilleries please go to the Scottish Single Malts pages on this website. There is also a great selection of Scottish Blends and Grain whisky available.

Select the links below to view distilleries within that country.


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