Read about The Highland Park Loki, the 15 Year Old Single Highland Malt within the The Valhalla Collection

Highland Park - Loki - 15 Year Old SIngle Highland Malt - The Valhalla CollectionJust last week at Planet Whiskies headquarters we received a second whisky out of four from Highland Park in their acclaimed Valhalla Collection. This malt whisky is called Loki and strength is 48.7% abv and is a 15 year old limited edition single malt for the Highland Park distillery. We have to say the tasting of this malt was breath taking and a experience to remember. Tasting notes are at the end of this article were supplied directly from Highland Park.

If you were buying this limited edition malt – Loki – it comes housed in the same unique and award winning wooden frame as Thor which looks like a traditional Viking long ship.

As stated before Loki is the second in The Valhalla Collection after Thor and there is a classic traces of sweetness and spice throughout, but as this malt was matured in two different cask types – Spanish sherry casks and heavily peated casks – it has a very smoky punch, but also importantly it retains a light colour malt whisky. It has been stated by a few experts that Loki is “enigmatic” and “truly another whisky of the Gods” and while tasting this malt it is hard to disagree with these whisky taster experts. The name Loki comes from the inspiration from the legendary Nordic Gods of old.

Gerry Tosh, Global Marking Manager says,
“ Thor was the first of its kind, a true quality malt built around an individual’s personality. This proved massively successful and it sold out globally. Loki will continue to take Highland Park and The Valhalla Collection into new territory.

While everyone will recognise the definite ‘ Highland Park-ness” of this 15 year old single malt, it will be the unexpired and surprisingly smoky dynamics that will really get palates excited and mouths talking. This is unlike any expression that has come before and will beguile and fascinate with its complexity and trickery. Remember, all is not as it seems”

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A bottle of Highland Park 18 Year Old Single Malt WhiskyHighland Park - Loki - The Valahalla Collection - 70cl - 48.7%

Single Island Malt Scotch Whisky for the Highland Park Distillery, Kirkwall, Orkney. This malt is a new expression called Loki and is park of The Valahalla Collection.

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Tasting Notes for Loki

Nose – A spirited lift of dried orange which turns into lemon peels. Cardamom notes trick then tease the nose, before an enticing hit of gingerbread develops. With water, liquorice and aromatic smoke are both unleashed.

Palate – The true shape-shifting ability of Loki springs to life on the palate: its waxy texture is amplified by an intense smoke that doesn’t appear on the nose, shattering the light citrusy illusion of the aroma. All is not what it seems. The smoke fades as liquorice and rich spiced apple flavours comes out to play. Lemon and grapefruit are consistent throughout thus elusive, yet intriguing character. With a touch of water, lingering notes of melted dark chocolate over spent embers leave a soft smoky impression.

Finish – As Loki departs, he leaves behind toasted cloves, hickory smoke and soft vanilla. It is constantly changing, from appearance to finish. Loki us an enigma and truly another whisky of the Gods.


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