Irish Whiskey - Single Malt, Blended, Pot Still

Irish Whisky is famous all around the world and had the first licensed whisky distillery in the world called Bushmills which is situated in Northern Ireland and still products a range of whiskies today. Irish Whisky was very popular in Britain in the 18th, 19th century as there was over 1200 distilleries in Ireland, but more were unlicensed. One of the most famous name to do with Irish whiskies is Jameson and was is part of the Irish Distillers (IDL). This company was formed in the early 1960's with three distiller companies were John Powers & Sons, John Jameson & Sons and Cork Distillery as they wanted to join forces and become a market leader as exports where extremely low for Irish whiskies during this period. This lasted till 1975 before they were bought over by Seagram’s and was out of Irish hands. Nowadays there is currently only one independent Irish whisky distillery called Cooley Distillery.

Below I have produced a list of Irish whiskies and of course this list will always be improving as more whiskies come onto the market. And remember if there are any missing please contact myself and I will up date this website. Also read the facts about Irish whisky distilleries on the distillery page within this website.

View Pot Still Whiskies including Knappogue Castle, Dunville's, Connemara, Peated

View Irish Single Malt Whiskey including Bushmills, Clontarf Single Malt

View Irish Blended Whisky including Bushmills, Clontarf Black Label, Coleraine and Craoi Na Mona


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