Lagavulin Scottish Single Malt Whisky

Country: Scotland |  Region: Islay

Photo of the Lagavulin Distillery

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Single Malt Scottish Whisky from the Lagavulin Distillery

This page refers to Scottish Single Malts from the Lagavulin Distillery on the Scottish Island of Islay. Lagavulin Distillery has always produced top-of-the-draw malts since it was founded in 1816 by John Johnston.

This distillery is part of the Diageo and has provided malts within their Classic Malt Series since 1987. Two distilleries are closely linked, and they are Laphroaig's and Lagavulin. This one is the older of the two, with Laphroaig being founded a few years later by the son of the founder of Lagavulin.

They were linked together in ways that were not all good with court cases and regarding the supply of whisky for the White Horse blend. To make the story shorter, Lagavulin blocked the water supply for the Laphroaig's distillery, and Laphroaig won this case only for the Lagavulin to try and make whisky have the same taste as Laphroaig. This story is very complicated, but it makes excellent reading with a 'whisky war' within the courts in the late 19th century.

Below, there is a selection of malts from this distillery with a large range of prices.

For more details about this distillery, please visit the Lagavulin Distillery page on this website.

Selection of Whiskies from Lagavulin Distillery

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