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Welcome to the page on Planet Whiskies that lists the American Bourbon Brands. There are hundreds of different bottles of bourbon available on the worldwide market and at Planet Whiskies we have a great selection listed below including ones from Wild Turkey, Jim Beam, Pappy Van Winkle's, Willetts and Woodford just to name a few of the major bourbon brands.

Bourbon History

Bourbon is one of the most famous whisky drinks in America. It has been refined over the last 200 years and people would say its native spirit brought there by Scottish/Irish settlers to Western Pennsylvania so this is where the story of bourbon began. There was a Whisky Rebellion from 1791 -1794 when the setters where forced to pay tax on their whisky production.

Jim Beam - American BourbonBulleit BourbonThere was trouble brewing with this and the government of the time did not want to lose face over this 'crisis' so they offered incentives to producer who moved to Kentucky. But they had to make their whisky with native corn rather than rye. For this the settlers had to grow sixty acres of corn a year and this would be impossible to sell so the easy solution was to make a corn based whisky and this in turn became bourbon named after the county it was first produced in Bourbon County.

So that's the brief history of how bourbon came about. Shortly there will be a link on this page with the timeline of when each of the main brands came onto the world's market place. If you like to see American Distilleries Click here

Selection of Bourbons

Below is a select of American Bourbons we have on this website. By clicking the links below you will be taken to a page with more details about your selected bourbon and you can also post a comment regarding this bourbon.

Latest Bourbon News Brought to you by Planet Whiskies

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Wild Turkey is an authentic American bourbon distilled in Lawrenceburg, the heart of real Kentucky, by master distillers and the world’s only active father/son distiller partnership, Jimmy and Eddie Russell. Read more

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Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey

Region: American
Type:   American Bourbon

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FEW Bourbon Spirit

Region: American
Type:   American Bourbon

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