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Welcome to American Whiskies Single Malt page. Below is an exciting selection including some very fine brands like the Peregrine Rock Single California Pure Malt Whisky and the Charbay Double Barrel Release II. When you do think of Single Malts you always think of Scotland, but there are a surprising number of top quality single malts throughout the world and America is not different.

There are photos and links for most of the brands below and if they are not present, they will soon be. I have added the distillery web links to each of the brands where ever possible, but if you do require any more information relating to the below whiskies it always good to click there link or go to the American Distillery page on this website where you can read about numerous distilleries within America.

Westward Single Malt Whiskey

Region: American
Type:   American Single Malts

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