Kilchoman Scottish Single Malt Whisky

Country: Scotland |  Region: Islay

Photo of the Kilchoman Distillery

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Scottish Single Malt Whisky from Kilchoman Distillery

Welcome to Planet Whiskies page, where you can buy malts from the Kilchoman Distillery. This distilleries is becoming more popular every year. This page will show off the malts for this Islay Distillery.

Kilchoman on Islay is one of the places you must visit if you are on the Island. With distilleries like Kilchoman to tour, it is an exciting place for all whisky fans. There is so much to offer on Islay, and the only problem you could have is trying to fit all the whisky tours in before heading back to the mainland.

Selection of Whiskies from Kilchoman Distillery

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