Canadian Whisky Distilleries

Welcome to the page on Planet Whiskies referring to Canadian Whisky Distillery. There are eight distilleries at present mentioned on this page and are Glenora Distillers, Forty Creek Distillery, Canadian Club Distillery, Canadian Mist Distillery, Shelter Point Distillery, Wiser's Whisky Distillery, Crown Royal and Alberta Distillers Ltd.

The most famous brand name of all these distilleries would have to be Canadian Club as it is so famous in the whisky drinking world that their bottles and logos are seen as the symbol of Canadian Whisky. This is taking none away from the other distilleries in Canada as they all have their place in the historic whisky industry within Canada.

More Canadian whisky distillery will be on this page in the near future, but if you would like your local distillery mentioned straight away please email Planet Whiskies and I will insert the distillery onto this page. Some of the distilleries on this page have external web links to the distillery own site. This will give you the opportunity to research more information and improve you knowledge regarding the distillery in question.

Also remember to view the links just below this paragraph to read about all the distilleries in the world. There is an amazing list of distilleries and by looking through these page you start to realise how massive the whisky industry is to the world markets.

First we have a slection of Canadian whiskies and them below these bottles you can find out more about these distillery

Canadian Whisky Distilleries

Glenora Distillers

Glenora Distillers is based on the Island of Cape Breton in Glenville, Nova Scotia, Canada. Their whisky is a single malt called Glen Breton Rare and is the only Scottish style single malt made in North America. The distillery has an annual production of 250,000 litres of whisky and started production in 1990. You can tour this distillery anytime and more details can be found on their website Click here

Forty Creek Distillery

Forty Creek distillery is between Toronto and Niagara Falls in Grimsby, Ontario. Forty Creek is called this because the distillery is set next to a waterfall (which was named Forty Mile Creek) and is made by the only 100% Canadian distillery remaining in Ontario.

Canadian Club Distillery

Canadian Club distillery producing the first barrels in 1854 in Detroit but the distillery moved over the river to Windsor, Ontario because of U.S prohibition laws. It has the nickname of Club whisky because it was very popular in the gentlemen's clubs. The whisky was first distilled in 1858 and their are 7 different varieties and they are Canadian Club 6 Year Old (most popular), Canadian Club Premium (5 Year Old), Canadian Club Reserve, Canadian Club Classic (12 Year Old), Canadian Club 100 Proof (6 Year Old) and Canadian Club Sherry Cask (double matured and at least 8 Year Old), Canadian Club Dry.

Canadian Mist Distillery

Canadian Mist Distillery is situated between the Blue Mountain and the Georgian Bay in Collingwood, Ontario. The water source is from the Canadian Shield which runs into the Georgian Bay. The whisky of course is Canadian Mist and is the U.S. leading selling for Canadian Whisky beating Canadian Club to this very fought after statistic.

Shelter Point Distillery

Shelter Point Distillery is suituated on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada and is on the banks of Oyster Riverand. This distillery produces Single Malt Whisky and the distillery bases itself on Scottish distillery like Highland Park, Glenfiddich and Springbank. The distillery is a traditional farm-based distillery and was built by a Scot call Andrew Currie. More information about this distillery will follow shortly.

Wiser's Whisky Distillery

Wiser's Whisky Distillery is situated in Prescott, Ontario and was built in 1857. The distillery was moved around 1980 to Hiram Walker & Sons distillery in Windsor, and then barrelled at the Pike Creek area of Lakeshore where the whisky stays until it is matured to the correct age. Four Wisers brands are available called Wiser's Deluxe, Wiser's Very Old, Wiser's Special Blend, Wiser's Reserve. For more information visit their website where also you can take a virtual tour of the distillery. Click Here

Crown Royal Distillery

Crown Royal Distillery is situated at Gimli, on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It was first distilled in 1939 to mark the historic visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Canada. It was first introduced to the US in 1965. If you like to find out more information visit their website Click here

Alberta Distillers Ltd

Alberta Distillers Ltd is situated in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It produces 100% rye grain Rye Whiskies. At present it is the only supplier of whisky to the Canadian market.

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