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Below are the whisky regions of Scotland and where they are situated within Scotland. But if you like to see what whisky are produced in these regions click on the link for Scottish Single Malts and also visit the Scottish distillery pages where nearly every distillery past and present is mentioned.

Whisky in Speyside Region of Scotland
Speyside is one of the most famous whisky producing parts of Scotland and is centred near the River Spey in the North of Scotland. This part of Scotland has numerous distilleries. So see the list see the distillery section on the site by clicking here. Couple of the whisky brands from the Speyside area are the Glenfiddich and Glenlivet brands. An interesting point to make is that some Speyside whiskies do state on their label that the are a highland malt, but as the regions are so closely linked and neighbours you can understand why and the location of Speyside is truly in the Highlands of Scotland. Click to read more

Whisky around the Elgin Area of the Speyside Region

Welcome to the page on Planet Whiskies dedicated to whisky distilleries located in and around the ancient Royal Burgh of Elgin. This Speyside area is truly blessed with distilleries and when travelling around this area a few years ago I was amazed with the amount of distilleries that are... Click to read more

Whisky in the Scottish Highlands
The Highland region of Scotland produces lots of different kinds of whiskies in tastes because it covers such a large area of Scotland where different methods of distilling whisky are used. The area starts just outside Glasgow and carries all the way up the west coast and the same happens on the east coast from Edinburgh.

The only part that is outside of the ‘highland region’ north of this is Speyside and of course the islands at the top of Scotland such as Orkney. As mention above when reading about the highland region of Scotland the Speyside region should always be included as the whiskies are closely links. Click to read more

Whisky in Islay and Jura
Islay and Jura are just off the West Coast of Scotland and is also a very famous area and deep in history for producing whisky. It has just under 10 distilleries on the Island and produces famous single malts like Laphroaig and Lagavulin. Islay whiskies are very high in peat as the soil on Islay is largely composed of peat. This means the water that runs through the peat is brown and when making all the famous malts of Islay the peaty taste is always present. Click to read more

Whisky in the Lowlands of Scotland
The region of Scotland called Lowlands is from Glasgow and Edinburgh downwards except of course the Campbeltown region. This area used to be a distillery gold mine, but over the years the number of operating distilleries have decrease in number. Again for more information regarding working distilleries visit the web pages on this site where you can read about their history, location and any contact details available. Click to read more

Whisky on the Islands of Scotland
This classification is about all the distilleries set on Islands of Scotland with the except of Islay. One of the Islands, Orkney produces the famous Highland Park. Also in this region is Arran. Click to read more

Whisky in Campbeltown Region of Scotland
Campbeltown is famous for Springbank Single Malt Whisky, but used to be one of the hottest patches of whisky producing in Scotland. But as times went on most of the distilleries have closed, but is still regarded a very important part in the history of whisky production in Scotland and deservers to be mentioned as a location by itself. Click to read more

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