Whisky in Islay and Jura

Islay and Jura are just off the West Coast of Scotland and is also a very famous area and deep in history for producing whisky. It has just under 10 distilleries on the Island and produces famous single malts like Laphroaig and Lagavulin. Islay whiskies are very high in peat as the soil on Islay is largely composed of peat. This means the water that runs through the peat is brown and when making all the famous malts of Islay the peaty taste is always present.

With all the distilleries being coastal on Islay except one, all the whisky made are easy recognised with the salt taste and the very strong flavour that are present in all the whisky malts. The distilleries in the North of Islay are milder that their counterparts in the South. This is because the South Distilleries use the brown peaty water for every stage of the whisky production. The Northern distilleries still use the water, but the water is taken directly from the spring before it travels down the hills and through all the peat. So the whisky that is produced is more mossy with the hint of nuts.

The only distillery that is neither is the Bowmore distillery which is in the centre of Islay. It is middle of the road with not to much peat and have a toffee like taste and a peppery finish.

In march 2007 a new distillery was built and became the nine distillery on Islay call the Port Charlotte Distillery. The whisky has not be released yet because of the time it takes to product malt whisky but the taste is expected to be very peaty in taste. This distillery will open its door to the pubic in 2009 and would be well worth of visit in your whisky trail.

Island of Jura

On the Isle of Jura there is only one distillery called 'Isle of Jura'. They do have a excellent website where you can see video regarding the distillery. So go to https://jurawhisky.com/. There is a great selection of Malt whiskies that come out of Jura. On the Scottish Single Malt section on this site you can see the 10 year old Jura Single at present, but very soon you will be able to see the full section of Malts that are produced on Jura and you will be amazed to see the full section that is available.

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If you are thinking about visiting the lovely island of Islay there is a section on this site dedicated to accommodation in Islay. Here you will be about to view local hotels and bed and breakfast where you can stay while your visiting the three distillerys. If you would like to view Accommodation in Islay and Jura just click on the link.


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