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This page refers to whisky that is produced in Australia. Enjoy reading this page. One region of Australia that is growing its whisky status has to be Tasmania with now 15 working distilleries. Shortly Planet Whiskies will be making a page for each of these distilleries in Tasmania, but for now, hear is a list of them. Belgrove Distillery, Devils Distillery, Devonport Distillery, Fanny Bay Distillery,Hartshorn Distillery, Heartwood Malt Whisky, Hellyers Road Distillery, Lark Distillery, Launceston Distillery, McHenry Distillery, Nant Distillery, Nonesuch Distillery, Overeem Distillery, Redlands Estate and Shene Distillery  (Mackey’s Whisky)

Australian first SIngle Malt Whisky

In 2008 The Great Southern Distilling Company made Australian whisky history by creating and release of Western Australia's first official Single Malt Whisky. This was a significant landmark for the company. The taste of this Single Malt is a sweet flavour with the taste of vanilla, cinnamon, candied orange peel, mocha and butterscotch. It has been a great success for the distillery, but the only problem with this malt whisky was the lack of bottles that were available with only 338 individually numbered bottles released, and this sold out within five weeks spell.

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