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Planet Whiskies Introduction

Planet Whiskies is a whisky website that has everything to do with our favourite dram. On this site you will find every type of whisky available from countries like Scotland, Wales, Japan, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, Sweden and America. There are whisky listings for Single Malts, Blends, Grain when available and all the different types of American whiskies including corn and Tennessee Whisky .

This website will try to explain in the in's & out's of the whisky industry through their whisky brands, tours, distilleries & whisky newsletter from within the industry. We will explain all about the different kinds of whisky from the main whisky countries of the world and the types of whisky that are available. Starting from famous world distilleries where the whisky is made to a 'nearly' full list of Scottish Single Malts sorted by the distillery where the brand is/was producted. Some of the whiskies have tasting notes telling reader what colour, taste the whisky is for example smoky, light, delicate or rich and how we rate the whiskies.

View all Scottish Distilleries that are on Planet WhiskiesOn Planet Whiskies there is a full listing of Scottish Whisky Distilleries with a page for each distillery. On these pages you can read about the history of the distilIery, contact details, tours and opening/closing times for the distillery and any shop which is located within the distillery. Also when supplied to Planet Whiskies all the latest whisky news from each of the distillery regarding latest releases, offers, whisky tours etc will be shown by the way of links at the bottom of the pages linking to their press releases. This should help everyone to find out more about each of the distilleries. If you want to find out more about the distilleries within Scotland please head to the Scottish Whiskies Distilleries home page.

Found out about 105 whisky distilleries in Scotland's five whisky regions in this very exciting interactive whisky guide :: More information

Duck's at Kilspindie House Whisky Review | Choose From Over 90 Malts | Also Selection of Malts from SMWS at Duck's at Kilspindie House

Whisky Review at Duck's at Kilspindie HousePlanet Whiskies were very kindly asked to do a whisky review just 18 miles outside Edinburgh and of course we gratefully accepted. This tasting was taking place at Duck's at Kilspindie House, which is located in the lovely seaside village of Aberlady. With over 90 malts behind the bar we knew we were in for an interesting night. As we were driving to Ducks, and of course the whisky tasting which was going to be that night, an overnight stay was required. Read about this whisky tasting and review at Duck's at Kilspindie House

The Ubiquitous Chip Whisky Club - Aston Lane Glasgow

The Ubiquitous Chip Whisky Club by Planet WhiskiesIt was a great pleasure for Planet Whiskies to be asked to come along to the launch of The Ubiquitous Chip Whisky Club (known to many as The Chip) and their first ever whisky tasting night. This tasting night was hosted by Iain Croucher of A.D. Rattray an independent bottler from Ayrshire. I walked into The Ubiquitous Chip I was warmly welcomed by James MacDuffie part of sommelier team of  The Ubiquitous Chip and Iain Croucher. We had a short discussion about the night ahead and also a brief chat about A.D Rattray and their Whisky Experience and shop near Ayr. Read more Ubiquitous Chip Whisky Club 

The Glenlivet - The Winchester Collection | 50 Years in the making

The Glenlivet - The Winchester Collection | 50 Years in the makingOctober marks the inaugural release from The Glenlivet Winchester Collection: the world’s first series of rare and precious 50 year old single malt Scotch whiskies from the single malt that started it all.

“Vintage 1964” is the first release from this exquisite collection, anticipated to become one of the most sought after and priceless whisky collections on the planet.  Read more about Glenlivet Winchester Collection

Other Whisky information on Planet Whiskies

On this site now I am putting together a full list of worldwide whiskies from distilleries throughout the world where you can buy your favourite dram. All the Scottish Blended whiskies have been completed and you will find them on Scottish Blended Whisky pages. There are well over 100 blends on these pages and you are sure to find the Scottish Blend that you are looking for. I have just started to price the Scottish Single Malts and I hope these malts will be done over the next few weeks. With over 1500 malts going to be priced and listed on this site you can imagine the task involved, but one worth doing for the readers of this site and one that will bring much more interaction about each of the whiskies than a lot of other whisky site who just put a price on the bottle with a link to buy. You can also see now a large number of Scottish Grain Whiskies and I have been receiving so many email world-wide saying that they did not know there was so many to choose from. There are around 100 American Bourbons, American Corn Whiskies and American Tennessee Whiskies to view and buy if you wish. I also plan in the near future to include a section where you can buy all your whisky glassware. This section will be appearing over the next few weeks so please remember to visit back soon to see what has been updated.

Old Course Single Malt Scottish WhiskyBlended and Grain whiskies are written about in detail on this site. As I am Scottish myself I know a lot of the brands in Scotland, but this website is about all the different types of whisky that are available around the world and I will be writing about whiskies that are Irish, Welsh, Australian, American, Canadian and of course Japanese which is up and coming and gaining large recognition within the industry. As there are a few spellings of whisky around the world, there will only be one that I will use on this website. So whiskey the local name for this product in some countries will not be used even when I am describing their products. A few countries do spell whisky the Scottish way such as Japanese, Canadian and Indian, with the last two because of being involved with the British Empire. Japanese whisky is spelt the Scottish way because the first person to distil whisky learned the trade in Scotland.

It is important to mentions that on this website I will be writing about all the distilleries in the world. But large parts of this website will be about the Scottish Whisky industry and the famous distilleries that are present like The Glenrothes Distillery, Glengoyne Distillery, Isle of Jura distilleries, Highland Park Distillery on Orkney, Glenmorangie Distillery and of course the Ardbeg Distillery. All these distilleries can be read about in the Latest News Section on this website where you will find out about all the latest news in the whisky industry, but more Scottish Whisky Distilleries can be read about on the Scottish Whisky Distilleries pages on this site. Some of the distilleries do not have a great deal of information relating to them as they have been closed or dismantled over the years, but this website still writes about their history whenever possible and this can bring the readers of this site even more knowledge of the Scottish Whisky industry.

Isle of Skye Blended WhiskyIsle of Skye Blended Whisky - Information and Product Range

Isle of Skye whisky is owned by Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd and still uses the 19th century recipe for all their blended scotch whiskies. This recipe was first used by Clan Macleod whose ancestral home is the Isle of Skye. Read more about Isle of Skye Blended Whisky

Chivas Brother & Pernod Ricard and view their portfolio of whiskies.

Chivas Brothers PortfolioPlanet Whiskies has a page dedicated to Chivas Brothers, the Scotch whisky business of Pernod Ricard. The Chivas Brothers business have always been an interest to Planet Whiskies as we are based in Dumbarton, just past the hundreds of warehouse holding the Chivas Regal brand,, so the next step for us was to write a page all about this massive whisky and gin company. Also on the page there is a list of all the press releases that they have supplied to Planet Whiskies over the years. So an insight to the page follows. Enjoy. "This company has developed over the years to become one of the major whiskies companies in the world and has..." Read more about Chivas Brother & Pernod Ricard


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