Whisky Distilleries around the Royal Burgh of Elgin Area within the Speyside Region

Welcome to the page on Planet Whiskies dedicated to whisky distilleries located in and around the ancient Royal Burgh of Elgin. This Speyside area is truly blessed with distilleries and when travelling around this area a few years ago I was amazed with the amount of distilleries that are in easy reach of this town and especially along the A95 route from Elgin to Aviemore. There are more than 12 distilleries within 30 miles of Elgin and most have a great history spanning hundreds of years.

There are so many key Speyside distilleries in this area and naming them all is actually a challenge because there are so many is just a short distance. If you are wanting to find out all the Single Malt are the distilleries mentioned on this page please head to the Single Malts pages where you will see the list of malts and there is a facility if you would like to buy any of these bottles using the ‘buy now links.

The area around Elgin is called The Laich o'Moray which is the name give to the Speyside area of Morayshire. This area is also know as the Whisky Capital of the World just because of the amount of distilleries within this small area of land between  north of the Grampian Mountains, to the lower reaches of River Spey.

Just seven of the distilleries located around the Elgin area are Benromach‎, Dallas Dhu Glenlossie, Glen Elgin, Glen Moray, Linkwood and Longmorn. There distilleries are all famous throughout the whisky world and produced excellent Speyside malts.

So starting off with the Glen Moray distillery you will find this distillery in the heart of the Royal Burgh of Elgin on the A96 route towards Inverness. Heading just a few miles along this road towards Inverness  you will find the Dallas Dhu‎ and Benromach Distilleries. These distilleries are all well signposted and you will see them on the A96 coming from Inverness signposting for distilleries clearly marked with special whisky trails signs.

For more information about these distilleries on the A95 and A96 route you can use the map below. More details will be coming shortly onto this website about this amazing whisky trail

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