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Below there are just under 20 Blended Scotch Whisky from around Scotland called Scoresby Rare Silver Barley, Scottish Glory, Scottish Leader, Sometimes Special, Speyside 17 Year Old, SS Politician and Stewarts Cream of the Barley on the listing for 'S'. The two famous blends which stick out on this page must be Scottish Leader and Stewarts Cream of the Barley. Both these brands are world-wide favourites and you can go wrong with picking either of these to for a wee dram on any occasion. Stewarts Cream of the Barley is just amazing blend which at present is the largest selling Scottish whisky brand that is bought in Ireland and this just proves the quality that is in the blend.

There is a lovely decanter on this page too called Speyside 17 Year Old. I alway think its a lovely touch when you can purchases any whisky within a decanter as it gives you a special memory of the whisky that you have drank and a lasting memory whenever you see the decanter sitting in your whisky cabinet. You can read more about these blended whiskies within the Scottish Distillery section on this website. There you will also find nearly every whisky distillery in Scotland and its make a very interesting read.

Below are the list of Blended Whisky with the letter S

Sanderson's Gold Blended Scotch Whisky

Region: Scotland
Type:   Single Malts

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Smokin' Blended Scotch Whisky

Region: Scotland
Type:   Single Malts

Buy Now for £28.25


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