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There are only one Scottish Blended Whiskies on the the 'V' page and that is Vat 69. It is a very famous whisky brand and has the history to go with it. The photo of the bottle below has not change for over 100 years. The name of Vat 69 vatted malt goes with this brand, but it is anything but vatted as it has over 40 malt and grain whisky are included to make this fine blend.

The name of Vat 69 comes from the fact that in 1882 William Sanderson got around one hundred casks of blended whiskey and then when to a panel of whisky experts for then to taste and judge all the casks. They then decided that cask number 69 was the best and so the name of the blended whisky was born. Another interesting fact regarding Vat 69 is it was first bottled in port wine bottles. You can read more regarding this blend at Planet Whiskies sister site -

Below are the list of Blended Whisky with the letter V

Vat 69 Blended Scotch Whisky

Region: Scotland
Type:   Single Malts

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