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On the page of Scottish Blended Whiskies starting with the letter 'J' there are a number of outstanding blends. One of them is the Johnnie Walker Black Label which is known the world over. It has some many qualities and the taste that goes along with it. Also within the Johnnie Walker range are the Red, Green and Blue Label. These three I have never tried, but would love to sample them in the near future as I have heard very high prise with them both.

Other great blends on this page include J&B Rare and John Player Special. More information about each of these brands with be coming soon to this website with each describe in detail relating to taste and flavour and the different types of whisky that where added together to make each of these blends.

Below are the list of Blended Whisky with the letter J

J&B Rare Blended Scotch Whisky

Region: Scotland
Type:   Single Malts

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