Chivas Brothers Unlocks The Vault: The Ultimate Luxury Experience To Discover A Hand-Picked Selection Of Exceptional Scotch Whisky Casks

The Vault takes whisky lovers through a sensory tasting journey at Speyside’s iconic Strathisla Distillery, offering exclusive access to Chivas Brothers’ highly desired portfolio of whiskies.

Tuesday 5th March Chivas Brothers, makers of world-class Scotch whiskies including Chivas Regal, Ballantine’s, Royal Salute and The Glenlivet, unlocks The Vault; a bespoke tasting experience in the hallowed chambers of its Strathisla distillery, leading up to the unveiling of exceptionally rare and sought-after casks from its enviable reserve of high-aged Scotch whiskies. Fourteen precious casks have been revealed for the first time, offering a unique opportunity to own a piece of Scotch heritage.

Guests stepping inside The Vault will be taken through a one-of-a-kind tasting experience which promises to elevate any Speyside visit. The journey will start with a private tour of Strathisla Distillery, the oldest working whisky distillery in the region, founded in 1786, followed by a walk-through of Chivas Brothers’ incredible history with its Archivist. The multisensory journey, guided by Chivas Brothers’ team of experts, will continue in The Vault’s impressive whisky library. A bespoke selection will be drawn from 240 exclusive samples, including distillates, high-aged whiskies and one-off rarities, to lead guests through a fully personalised tasting, before entering the chambers of The Vault itself to enjoy a final dram.

The Vault houses fourteen casks, none of which have been available for purchase before, hand-picked by Chivas Brothers makers, Blending Expert Sandy Hyslop and Cask Expert Kevin Balmforth. Together, they combine more than sixty years of experience and passion to meticulously assess the vast inventory across Chivas Brothers’ reserves. From iconic Speyside single malt, The Glenlivet, to the last remaining whiskies from the now-closed Caperdonich distillery, to the master of exceptional blended Scotch Royal Salute and the newly reintroduced Longmorn single malt, each cask has been chosen for its unparalleled character.

Under a Chivas Brothers expert’s guidance, whisky lovers looking to own an exclusive cask will be taken through a series of tastings best suited to their individual palate, before discovering their perfect cask match to purchase. The elevated experience offers whisky collectors an opportunity to not only own a piece of a Scotch whisky history but also to invest in time, as once a cask is sold it can be safeguarded within The Vault for a further four years of maturation before bottling.

Sandy Hyslop, Director of Blending and Inventory at Chivas Brothers commented: “Every cask safeguarded inside The Vault demonstrates Chivas Brothers’ unrivalled quality, heritage, and craftsmanship. By opening the doors of The Vault, we are providing a one-of-a-kind opportunity for those visiting Speyside, bringing some of the world’s rarest and most remarkable whiskies into the spotlight for whisky connoisseurs and collectors to enjoy, savour and purchase.”

Jacques-Henri Brive, Head of Luxury Development at Chivas Brothers added: “The Vault is a unique place where we invite whisky aficionados to discover our exceptional cask programme through a tasting experience like no other. Every journey into The Vault is entirely bespoke, paired with the potential to own one of Chivas Brothers’ most desired whiskies and maturing it in the optimal conditions for up to four more years - which makes this offering a very special one.”

The Vault by Chivas Brothers will be officially unlocked in March 2024. Whether visiting Speyside to discover the incredible world of Scotch, or looking to own a one-of-a-kind cask, The Vault has something to offer and is an experience you will want to explore. To discover more about the exclusive collection and book a personalised experience, which starts at £1,200 per guest, visit Guests seeking the ultimate country retreat can extend their stay at Chivas Brothers’ newly reopened private guest house, Linn House.

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The Vault By Chivas Brothers: Cask Information

  • The Glenlivet 25 year old: 2nd fill American Oak barrel This cask is one of less than five second fill American oak barrels left in this vintage for The Glenlivet. Having laid to rest for over two decades, this cask has produced an exemplary whisky from this icon of Speyside.
  • Aberlour 19 year old: 1st fill American Oak barrel One of the oldest remaining first fill American oak barrels in Chivas Brothers’ inventory of Aberlour, this cask has been hand selected for its rarity, outstanding quality and perfect balance of flavours.
  • Longmorn 25 year old: 1st fill American Oak barrel A stunning example of this revered single malt. An intense "Angel's Share" has meant the whisky is has a uniquely rich character and colour.
  • Longmorn 28 year old: 2nd fill American Oak barrel This single malt's long maturation in a second fill barrel has accentuated the classic Longmorn character of creamy vanilla, harmonising with sweet and fruity notes.
  • Longmorn 30 year old: 1st fill American Oak barrel An opportunity to own a true piece of whisky history this remarkable cask stands as one of the oldest releases from Longmorn to date.
  • Caperdonich 25 year old: 1st fill American Oak barrel This first fill American oak cask from 1998 is a true piece of history, with an intensely fruity character from this now lost distillery.
  • Caperdonich 29 year old: 2nd fill American Oak barrel A long maturation in a second fill barrel has resulted in an impeccably aged and balanced malt whisky. This is one of only two remaining second fill barrels left from this vintage and only fifteen casks in total remain from this year.
  • Caperdonich 30 year old: Peated Refill Hogshead A whisky of simply incomparable scarcity, this is an extremely rare expression from a limited run of peated malt at Caperdonich distillery. This remarkable cask is from the oldest Caperdonich Peated parcel in Chivas Brothers’ inventory.
  • Glen Keith 28 year old: 1st fill American Oak barrelA rare pair of casks from Glen Keith. This whisky was distilled before the distillery ceased production for a period, and ever since has been coming of age silently. It was selected from mid-tier in the warehouse – a real sweet spot for the balance and complexity of flavour.
  • Glen Keith 28 year old: 1st fill American Oak barrel This rare Glen Keith whisky, one of two sister casks, was distilled before the distillery ceased production for a period. It has developed incredible complexity over its many years in the cask.
  • Braes of Glenlivet 31 year old: 1st fill American Oak barrel This rare first fill cask from the Braes of Glenlivet distillery, now known as Braeval. It was selected from a high maturation location which has led to an increased Angel’s Share, higher cask interaction and a darker colour for this precious liquid.
  • Scapa 23 year old: 1st fill American Oak barrel A pair of sister casks from a time of lower production at Scapa Distillery, hand selected for their incredible flavour and rarity. Scapa's unique spirit character of sweet pineapple has been enhanced and balanced over the course of two decades in first fill American oak.
  • Scapa 23 year old: 1st fill American Oak barrel A pair of sister casks from a time of lower production at Scapa Distillery, hand selected for this incredible flavour and rarity. Selected from a low tier near its sister, this cask showcases Scapa’s unique spirit character, balanced over the course of two decades in first fill American oak.
  • Royal Salute 27 year old: 1st fill Sherry Hogshead This is a specially prepared and seasoned first-fill sherry hogshead which has held Oloroso for over twelve months then Chivas Brothers’ specific experimental blend of special sherries for six months before being filled with a rich blended Scotch whisky and left to finish for over seven years.

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