Discover Lair Upon Lair Of Flavour In Ardbeg Scorch - The Distillery's Latest Limited Edition 2021

The Ardbeg Distillery invites its noble fandom to join them for an online extravaganza and uncover the 'lairs' of flavour in their latest limited edition 

ISLAY, UK - 21 JULY 2020: Ardbeg, the world-renowned Islay Distillery, is joining forces with DJ BBQ this summer to bring big, smoky flavours to backyard barbecues around the globe.

Fuelled by their shared obsession with smoke, Ardbeg has partnered with the 'catertainment' star and certified pitmaster to create The Smoke Sessions - an online series which offers a guide to mouthwatering barbecue serves, and smoky whisky cocktails.

Giving Ardbeggians everywhere the chance to take their BBQ to the next level, The Smoke Sessions will see DJ BBQ (aka Christian Stevenson) apply the fundamental Laws of Smoke, Wood & Heat to perfect BBQ dishes and drinks created using Ardbeg Ten, An Oa and Wee Beastie.

Ardbeg and DJ BBQ will kick off the series this July by hosting the UK's smokiest virtual barbeque on Instagram Live. The grill guru will share one of his favourite recipes and show off his expert cocktail making skills, whilst at the same time spinning the decks. Joining in the fun will be Brendan McCarron, the Distillery's Head of Maturing Whisky Stocks.

DJ BBQ commented: "My smoky barbeque recipes share so many characteristics with the flavours of Ardbeg whisky, and they complement each other perfectly. The laws of wood, heat and smoke are so important to barbecue and single malt alike, and once mastered, you'll become a barbeque boss!

"The taste of braided beef fillet alongside an Ardbeg Ten Old Fashioned is just awesome, and a sip of hot Wee Beastie punch with a slow smoked pork shoulder is unrivalled!".

"Remember, patience is key to maximise that wonderful flame-grilled flavour, it's only done when it's done. The Ardbeg Smoke Sessions series will show you that it's easy to go beyond the realms of basic barbecue burgers with a little creativity and a ton of smoky goodness!"

Grillers and whisky lovers can tune in to Ardbeg's Instagram Live on Friday 24 July at 8pm BST to watch DJ BBQ kick off Ardbeg Smoke Sessions with the UK's smokiest virtual BBQ.

Cocktail fans will also be able to order DJ BBQ's Maple and Bacon Old Fashioned for delivery across the UK, via Mothership on the Drinks At Home platform, for a limited period from 21 July 2020.

The Ardbeg Smoke Sessions will launch on Ardbeg's social channels (YouTube, Instagram & Facebook) from 21 July 2020. Links to watch each episode are available below:
Law of Heat -
Law of Smoke -
Law of Wood -

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