Tasting Notes for Ardbeg 10 Year Old Single Islay Malt

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ABV:    46%    Colour   Light gold

Exceptional balance and depth. At full strength, the aroma is a beguiling mix of toffee and chocolate sweetness, cinnamon spice and medicinal phenols.  Fresh citrus and floral notes are evident, as are melon, pear drops and a gentle creaminess.  There is also a fresh phenolic aroma of sea spray (iodine) and smoked fish.  Hickory and coffee emerge later as the most volatile top notes fade

With water, the depth of the peat opens up, at once revealing layers of phenols with gristy peat and leather followed by medicinal phenols (carbolic soap) and a whiff of wood smoke.  However, the sweetness of      vanilla and the fragrance of citrus fruits are never far behind, maintaining the balance and intrigue

An initial moderate and clean sweetness is rapidly followed by a mouthful of deep peat notes, with tobacco smoke and strong espresso coffee, which then gives way to treacle sweetness and liquorice.  The mouthfeel is firstly lightly spiced, then chewy, mouth-watering and full, finally drying

Long and smoky.  A smoky sweetness is left on the palate, with a crushed peat and sweet malted cereal character

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A view inside the barrel storage area at Ardbeg Whisky DistilleryA view of the outside of the Ardbeg Whisky Distillery on Islay


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