Latest Whisky News | The Naked Grouse Unveiled it Updated New Look | The Naked Truth | 15th July, 2014

The Naked Grouse blended Scotch whisky, distributed by Maxxium UK, has unveiled its updated new look. Reinforcing the brand’s premium positioning, the distinctive updated packaging exudes quality, combining craft and luxury to reflect the simple, hand-crafted blend inside.
| The Naked Grouse | THE NAKED TRUTH | 15th July, 2014
The Naked Grouse is a unique and expertly crafted, small batch blended Scotch whisky containing hand-blended world- renowned malts that combine to produce a sweet, rich and smooth taste. The exceptional blend was inspired by William Gloag of The Famous Grouse family and his pioneering discovery of sherry cask maturation. This innovative process, along with an enduring legacy of expertise, creates a stunning example of the blender’s art.

The subtle enhancements highlight the honest simplicity behind The Naked Grouse. The simple yet striking bottle, etched with a picture of the drink’s emblem, now comes complete with a cardboard and string neck tag describing the brand story and craftsmanship behind this unique blend.

Johna Penman, Marketing Controller of Maxxium UK commented: ‘As an award-winning liquid, The Naked Grouse reflects our passion to create a simple, great tasting, premium spirit. We are very proud of the collaborative effort and innovative processes behind the making of The Naked Grouse and feel it’s important for us to engage with our target consumer and celebrate the growing interest in artisan craft brands in the UK.  The recent rise in popularity of craft positioned brands presents an opportunity to tell our story and recruit new consumers into Blended Scotch, making it a more relevant category for a new generation of drinkers. ’

The whisky is available in high end bars and retail outlets such as Sainsbury’s. RRP £25

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