Bowmore Distillery Newsletter: Latest Expression Small Batch - 19th March, 2014


or as they say here, Failte...

Bowmore, the first distillery on Islay, Scotland's Whisky island, is proud to introduce it's latest expression, Small Batch - a perfect and accessible embodiment of the Taste of Islay.  The distillery has used its century's long experience to create a perfect combination of flavours that encapsulate scotch from the Southern Isles.

To celebrate the release of Small Batch, we are pleased to introduce our new animation, which recreates all that is Islay, using Scottish illustrators and composers.

"If I could select only one dram to transport an enthusiast to Islay, it would be Small Batch. No one liquid better showcases the tranquillity and elegance of the Island.

Rachel Barrie, Master Blender.  Morrison Bowmore Distillers

img src="/images/bowmore/bowmore-small-batch.jpg" alt="Bowmore Small Batch release March 2014" title="Bowmore Small Batch release March 2014" align="right" style="padding-ledt:20px;"/>Taste of Islay encapsulated in Bowmore Small Batch Exclusively matured in first and second-fill ex-bourbon casks, Small Batch evokes the Islay house character of gentle peat, smoke, salt, citrus and vanilla. This makes Bowmore Small Batch the perfect dram for those wanting to experience an Islay single malt.

The first-fill ex-bourbon imparts a delicious vanilla sweetness alongside spice and a bourbon style oak smoke, created by a charring of the barrel in the bourbon production process.

The second-fill cask brings fantastic complexities with honey and creamy malt combining perfectly with hints of sea salt, coconut and lime.  The water from the Laggan River and infamous Islay peat adds the quintessential earthy smokiness that makes Bowmore renowned for its single malts.

Have you enjoyed a dram of Bowmore Small Batch yet? Let us know what you think on our Facebook.

The Bowmore Team

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