The Dalmore Launches New Expressions Exclusively Into Travel Retail

The Dalmore Launches New Expressions Exclusively Into Travel Retail

Exclusive Highland Single Malt Whisky makers, The Dalmore, are launching a new collection exclusively for travel retail.  Premiering on the 7th June in Lagardère Travel retail, Buy Paris Duty Free, Paris Charles de Gaulle, the collection will be available in all European Travel Retail stores, from Summer 2016. 

Three new expressions; Regalis, Luceo and Dominium, will join Valour to become The Dalmore Fortuna Meritas Collection.   Inspired by the distillery’s belief that ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’, each expression is a tribute to the brand’s history; celebrating the brave act of the Chief of the Clan Mackenzie who saved the life of King Alexander III, and the rewards which he received in return.   

The cask selection also pays homage to the Mackenzie family, who took custodianship of The Dalmore distillery in 1867.  Andrew and Charles Mackenzie travelled in search of only the finest casks to mature their whisky, unprecedented at the time, and forged a relationship with the renowned Gonzalez Byass bodgea in Jerez, a partnership which still flourishes today. 

Over 100 years later, these hand-selected casks are influential in shaping the spirit of The Dalmore and the three new travel retail expressions have each been maturing in different  sherry woods to give them a bold, distinctive and unique flavour - The Dalmore Regalis is finished in Amoroso, The Dalmore Luceo in Apostoles, whilst  The Dalmore Dominium matures in Matusalem 30 years old sherry casks which are exclusively sourced by The Dalmore.    

Richard Paterson, The Dalmore Master Distiller commented: “I start the whisky making process with a vision of what style I would like each whisky to have.  The American White Oak in which we initially mature our whisky gives me a wonderful canvas from which to start each whisky’s creation.  The Dalmore is an exceptional spirit whose character shines through and develops to unrivalled levels when matured in the right casks – it is my job to ensure that I find the perfect cask for the whisky to excel. 

For this collection I looked to our long standing and unique partnership with Gonzalez Byass as this allowed me to draw from rare, rich and valuable sherry casks.  I was able to create a different and unique finish for each whisky, giving each of them a rich and complex flavour, but with their own nuances and individual flair.”

The Dalmore Valour

Valour means courage, and it is at the very heart of The Dalmore story.  In 1263, the Chief of the Clan Mackenzie bravely saved King Alexander III of Scotland from the fury of a charging stag.   The grateful King granted the Clan three rewards – the right to use the a 12-pointed Royal Stag in their coat of arms, the motto ‘Luceo Non Uro’ and the lands of Kintail.   

Tasting notes for The Dalmore Valour

Wood Finish:  American White Oak, 30 years old Matusalem oloroso sherry and Port Pipes      

Aroma:   Ripe plums, citrus fruits and creamy caramel

Palate:    Candied orange, pineapple and chocolate fudge

Finish:    Black forest fruits, coconut, figs and marzipan

ABV:   40%

RSP:    £60 / €75

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The Dalmore Regalis

The name Regalis means royal, or regal, which is befitting to The Dalmore as the 12-pointed Royal Stag adorns every bottle.

In 1263 the Chief of the Clan Mackenzie bravely saved King Alexander III of Scotland from the fury of a charging stag and in recognition of this noble act the grateful King granted the Clan Mackenzie the right to use the emblem in their coat of arms.  When ancestors of the Clan took control of The Dalmore distillery in 1867, they took with them this striking icon which has since adorned each bottle of The Dalmore, symbolising its regal legacy.

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Tasting Notes for The Dalmore Regalis 

Wood Finish:    American White Oak and Amoroso sherry

Aroma:  Mulled wine, exotic fruits, marzipan, sweet syrups and toffee

Palate:  Treacle toffee, roasted walnuts, pecan cake and Manuka honey

Finish:   Maraschino cherries, espresso coffee, liquorice and vanilla

ABV:  40%

RSP: £67 / € 91

The Dalmore Luceo

Luceo literally means “I Shine” and is taken from the motto ‘Luceo Non Uro – I Shine, Not Burn’ of the Clan Mackenzie who were owners of The Dalmore Distillery.

 Tasting notes for The Dalmore Luceo

Wood Finish:  American White Oak and Apostoles

Aroma:  Cognac soaked Madeira cake, tangy fruits, treacle tart, crushed almonds and praline chocolate

Palate:  Parkin cake, pistachios, plums, frangipan, Colombian coffee and Sanguinello blood oranges

Finish:   Maple syrup, Demerara sugar, sweet muscatel and gingerbread

ABV:   40%

RSP:   £75 / € 105 

The Dalmore Dominium

Dominium means domain, or ownership.  In 1263, the King not only granted his saviour the use of the Royal Stag emblem but also as further reward for this brave and  noble act, the grateful King granted the Clan dominion over the land of Kintail in the West Highlands.

Testing notes for The Dalmore Dominium

Wood Finish:  American White Oak and 30 years old Matusalem sherry

Aroma:  Sweet fruits, sandalwood, lemon tart, honey, caramel coffee and a hint of liquorice spice

Palate: Sherry soaked raisins, black toffee and banana cake

Finish: Treacle tart, pineapple, Oxford marmalade, ginger spice and dates

ABV:  43%

RSP:  £99 / € 135

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