Lochlea gives a nod to Islay for new seasonal release: Ploughing Edition (Second Crop)

Multi award-winning, family-owned Lochlea Distillery in Ayrshire is delighted to launch the fourth and final release from its Second Crop series of the distillery’s seasonal releases: Ploughing Edition (Second Crop).

The release of Ploughing Edition (Second Crop) marks winter on the farm when the fields are ploughed in preparation for spring’s sowing season in the months ahead. It is also the only Lochlea whisky with a distinctive smoky profile, achieved through it being matured exclusively in 100% ex-Islay 200 litre casks.

Inspired by this season, coupled with Production Director John Campbell’s Ileach (Islay) heritage, Ploughing Edition (Second Crop) gives John the chance to talk about his homeland and the influence it brings to Lochlea’s whisky profile, whilst also celebrating the beauty of winter on the farm itself.

John grew up on Islay and, up until he joined Lochlea in 2021, had spent his life living and working on the Inner Hebridian island – firstly as a lobster fisherman, then more famously as Laphroaig’s renowned Distillery Manager for 27 years. His move to Lochlea in 2021 marked his first time living and working off the island and on Scotland’s mainland, whilst still in the whisky industry he is so passionate about.

John said: “We are excited to share our new Ploughing Edition (Second Crop) that shows the experimental side of Lochlea that we are always looking to explore more. As Islay whiskies are so well respected and much loved, we wanted to ensure we tip our hat to this unique style of whisky carefully and done in the right way.”

“We know people love Islay whiskies - with Ploughing Edition (Second Crop) we want to play on our fruit-forward, characterful and biscuity Lochlea house style and give it a special Islay twist using casks that have spent a significant amount of time housing and maturing some of Islay’s finest single malts.”

Ploughing Edition (Second Crop) has been matured solely in 200 litre ex-Islay barrels giving it a distinctive earthy, peaty character, whilst the previous Ploughing Edition (First Crop) in 2023 was matured in both peated quarter casks and ex-Islay barrels, revealing more charcoal smoke characteristics.

Lochlea’s seasonal releases are as follows:

  • Ploughing Edition: released in winter when the fields are ploughed in preparation for spring.
  • Sowing Edition: inspired by spring when the seed is sown for the year’s barley crop.
  • Harvest Edition: inspired by the annual harvest on the farm.
  • Fallow Edition: reflects the season of autumn on the farm when the fields are left fallow to rest after a busy harvest.

As with all of Lochlea’s whiskies, Ploughing Edition (Second Crop) is non-chill filtered – it has been bottled at 46% and has an RRP of £51.50. It is available from Lochlea stockists from 7th March 2024 onwards.

In addition to the seasonal limited edition releases, Lochlea has a core whisky expression available all year round - Our Barley. This unpeated single malt has been matured in a combination of three different casks: first fill ex-bourbon, Oloroso sherry casks and STR barriques, all of which add depths of flavour to the spirit. Launched in July 2022, Our Barley has received much acclaim as a superb example of a young non-age statement (NAS) Lowlands whisky, made entirely from the distillery’s own home-grown barley.

Ploughing Edition (Second Crop) – Tasting notes:

Nose: fresh green apple, signature Lochlea cereal
Palate: succulent fruit, freshly cut summer hay
Finish: sea salt, lingering peaty embers
ABV: 46%

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