Jura Whisky Serves Up New Release - Jura Pale Ale Cask Edition: New addition to its Cask Edition Series

  • UK's #1 malt brand, Jura, announces new release – available now in UK stores

  • Jura Pale Ale Cask Edition (40% ABV) joins the 'Cask Edition Series'

  • Jura Pale Ale Cask Edition is a collaboration between Jura and local craft brewers

UK number one malt brand[1], Jura, has unveiled a new addition to its 'Cask Edition Series', with Jura Pale Ale Cask Edition.

Available in stores across the UK, including Tesco, from now (April), Jura Pale Ale Cask Edition is perfect for beer lovers looking to get into whisky and for whisky fans looking to try something a little different.

During lockdown, Jura, its people and its whisky making faced many challenges, but adversity inspired creativity. With many breweries slowing production as pubs and bars were closing, Jura's whisky makers, Gregg Glass and Joe Ricketts, saw this time as an opportunity. They collaborated with local craft brewers, respected makers in their own right, to source beer casks, each full of flavour and well suited to maturing Jura's signature flavour profile.

Jura Pale Ale Cask Edition is the result of a dedicated and ongoing collaborative seasoning programme, led by Jura's whisky makers, Joe Ricketts and Gregg Glass and is testament to the tiny island community on Jura and the ongoing resourcefulness of the people that live there.

Jura Pale Ale Cask Edition opens with aromas of honeyed cereal, vanilla spice and hints of pineapple. Bright and fruity on the palate, there are notes of sweet citrus and a subtle, tropical hop character. This is rounded off with vanilla and a smooth and creamy finish.

At 40%, this whisky is purposely intended to be one that can be enjoyed as part of sociable occasions, ideal for sipping in a beer garden with friends in the sunshine, matched with a blonde or pale ale beer of your preference.

For those feeling a little more adventurous, a Jura Hopscotch Highball cocktail offers a refreshing long serve and a twist on the classic beer cocktail combinations:

  • 35ml Jura Pale Ale Cask Edition whisky, 15ml lemon, 10ml sugar, 50ml grapefruit

  • Shake first four and strain over ice into an 8oz highball

  • Top with an IPA of your choice

  • Garnish with grapefruit wedge and mint sprig

Jura Pale Ale Cask Edition joins three others in the Cask Editions Series - Jura Winter Edition, Jura Red Wine Cask Edition and Jura Rum Cask Finish.

Available in the UK from April from retailers including Tesco, Jura Pale Ale Cask Edition has an RRP of £35 and comes in 70cl format with an accompanying tube in an eye-catching design, making it an ideal option for gifting.

[1] Nielsen. Year Data to 31.12.22

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