Bimber Distillery debuts ‘Shoulders of Giants’ single malt whiskies

Bimber Distillery debuts ‘Shoulders of Giants’ single malt whiskies

Bimber today revealed the first releases from ‘Shoulders of Giants’ - the distillery’s homage to the diverse tapestry of thinkers, innovators and visionaries who have shaped our world. Exploring the breadth and depth of human endeavour and achievement, each release features attention-grabbing artwork and biographical details that celebrate the accomplishments of historical figures who have dared to dream and defied status quos.

Drawn from Bimber’s growing inventory of fruit-forward single malt whiskies, each Shoulders of Giants release offers a different story both inside and outside of the bottle. The initial bottlings consist of releases for the UK market: Dickens; Newton and Shakespeare, alongside Polish exclusives: Copernicus; Chopin and Curie.

The three UK exclusives will be launched on Friday 26th of April via Bimber’s website, each with an RRP of £94.00.

‘Dickens – The Novelist’ is drawn from a 1st fill American oak ex-bourbon cask and celebrates the Charles Dickens contribution to our appreciation of literature. Offering vibrant sweet tropical fruits, a syrupy honied texture and perfectly integrated wood spice, it is a reflection of the growing maturity of Bimber’s single malt whisky.

‘Newton – The Mathematician’ celebrates Sir Issac Newton’s contribution to our understanding of science. Crafted from lightly peated spirit, this release has been fully matured in 1st fill American oak. It is fruit-forward and classically Bimber, with notes of pineapple and papaya weaved with delicate threads of smoke and char.

The final UK exclusive release is ‘Shakespeare – The Playwright’. This release highlights William Shakespeare’s contribution to the English language. Finished in an ex-beer cask – this single malt whisky is drawn from the distillery’s first release of ex-barley wine casks, created in partnership with French brewery La Debauche. Rich and bold, it combines stone and tropical fruits with smooth caramel, complex maltiness and hints of nutty umami on the palate.

The Polish Shoulder of Giants releases will be available from selected Polish retailers including Tudor House from the end of April 2024 onwards.

‘Copernicus – The Polymath’ celebrates Nicolaus Copernicus and his contribution to our understanding of astronomy. This beautifully sweet single malt has been finished in a single Pedro Ximénez sherry cask which has imparted a delectable selection of bright and rich fruit-forward notes.

‘Chopin - The Composer’ honours Frédéric Chopin’s contribution to our appreciation of music. Finished in a single fino sherry cask, this Shoulders of Giants release offers the perfect harmony between the whisky’s naturally sweet fruit character and the nutty, saline freshness that has been imparted by the fino sherry cask.

‘Curie - The Scientist’ commemorates Marie Curie’s contribution to our understanding of radioactivity. Finished in a Spanish oloroso sherry this single malt has been imbued with a deep colour and rich notes of fruitcake and chopped nuts.

Speaking of the launch, Bimber’s Matt McKay said: “Our whisky making methodology is to take the learning of the past and to adapt it to make the whisky of the future. As such, it is entirely fitting for Bimber to be looking to historical figures who have shaped our societies and consciousnesses.

The Shoulders of Giants releases not only pay homage and celebrate the achievements of national heroes – they also demonstrate the growing maturity and complexity of our single malt whiskies, which are proving to be increasingly versatile in a wide range of cask types and styles. Going forward we have many more giants to explore, and we’re looking forward to telling their stories.”

All six Shoulders of Giants releases were crafted to Bimber’s exacting standards. The spirit was produced from the distillery’s single farm barley and malted on a dedicated floor at Warminster Maltings before being fermented for seven days in bespoke, on-site constructed American oak washbacks. Distillation took place in Bimber’s directly fired copper pot stills which produce a richly layered and remarkably fruit-forward spirit.

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