Whyte and Mackay Launches Mackinlay's "The Journey" - 26th October, 2012

A recreation of the century old Mackinlay's blended scotch created for Ernest Shackleton's
epic adventure of 1907

Whyte & Mackay today, October 26 2012, launched a new version of its world famous Mackinlay’s malt at Whisky Fest in New York

Affectionately known as “Shackleton’s whisky”, the spirit is a replica of the century old whisky found under Ernest Shackleton’s hut on the Antarctic. Following the huge success of its original recreation, the Glasgow based distiller has launched a follow up called Mackinlay’s The Journey.

The move was prompted by a request from the Antarctic Heritage Trust (AHT), the charity which found the whisky, to find ways to raise much needed funds for the conservation of the expedition bases on the Antarctic.

The first run of the replica Mackinlay’s sold out within a year and that success raised close to £250,000 for the AHT. The funds will be used for conservation and research, and a web based education programme about the great explorer.

The release of the new recreation is expected to raise a further £500,000 for the AHT.

The Trust’s executive director Nigel Watson said: “I was delighted when I heard the news that Whyte & Mackay would launch a different product called Mackinlay’s The Journey. Not only will it give more people a chance to taste part of history, the donation from future sales will greatly assist our efforts to conserve and maintain Shackleton’s Antarctic legacy for the benefit of current and future generations. The Trust is extremely grateful for their major contribution to the cause.”

At the same time as the AHT request, Alexandra Shackleton approached the whisky firm and asked if they would support a recreation expedition of her grandfather’s life-saving journey by renowned polar explorer Tim Jarvis.

Described as the “greatest survival journey of all time”, Jarvis and his team will tackle the 800 nautical mile journey from Elephant Island to South Georgia and traverse its mountainous interior - the same courageous journey that Shackleton undertook to save his crew of 28 men back in 1916.

The adventure will take place in January and February 2013 and will see Jarvis and his crew undertake this treacherous journey using an exact replica of the 22.5 foot life boat used by Shackleton.

Tim Jarvis welcomed Mackinlay’s as the official “beverage” sponsor of Shackleton Epic expedition. Speaking at the launch in New York he said: “Mackinlays has a direct connection to the Shackleton legend and I’m thrilled to toast Shackleton Epic with this fine drop and I look forward to raising a glass on the successful completion of the expedition.”

Richard Paterson, Whyte & Mackay’s renowned master blender was the man responsible for faithfully recreating the Mackinlays malt.

“Nosing, tasting and recreating this amazing piece of history was the highlight of my 40 year career,” he enthused.

“I’m delighted that my experience and skill has paid dividends, and not just for the company, the industry or for those that love whisky or history. It’s also made a tangible difference to the AHT and thanks to this second edition, that difference will be even more profound. And we can now support Tim on his Shackleton Epic journey next year. I personally can’t wait to see how that plays out and I wish them all the very best.

Paterson added: “I would like to personally thank every single person that wrote, talked about and bought the original Mackinlays recreation . Thank you for making this the whisky story of the century! “

Mackinlays The Journey contains different malts from the original recreation but tastes exactly like the original replica and the 100 year old whisky.

But the packaging has changed dramatically to signify that it is a different product, and instead of a wooden crate the bottle comes wrapped in “straw” like the original bottles found under Shackleton's hut. This is contained in a box designed to look similar to the packaging used by museums to ship precious artefacts.

The plan is to create and sell 100,000 bottles in key markets across the globe including Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Scandinavian countries, the US where the global launch is taking place and the travel retail sector.

To read more about the product please visit: www.theshackletonwhisky.com


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