White Peak Distillery showcases Wire Works Full Port

White Peak Distillery from Derbyshire has added a special limited-edition whisky to their Wire Works collection for Christmas this year: Wire Works Full Port.

This latest special release of Wire Works has been matured exclusively in Tawny Port casks, giving it a rich marzipan, chocolate and cinder toffee flavour profile – perfect to enjoy and gift to whisky lovers this Christmas.

Wire Works Full Port is the first whisky from White Peak that has been fully matured entirely in Port casks, bottled at 52.4%, with just under 2,000 bottles available.

The port casks were chosen to compliment the lightly-peated Wire Works spirit and the cask supplier is borne out of a whisky-making ethos around provenance, heritage and flavour. For over 5 years, founders Max & Claire Vaughan, have worked closely with Sandra Dias and the team at her cooperage near Porto, Portugal. Dias Cooperage is a 4th generation, family-run cooperage, producing quality oak casks in a time honoured way, that White Peak has selected for all of its wine casks.

Claire said: “We wanted to create a whisky that celebrates a twist on our provenance, heritage and flavour. We have visited the cooperage where we sourced our port casks from on numerous occasions and greatly admire the intimate style of the business, the highly-skilled small team and the traditional techniques used that are passed down through the generations of the same family. All these factors ensure that we are using casks of an exceptionally high quality, which lead to a complex maturation of our whisky, adding further layers of complexity to the final spirit.”

Max said: “With Wire Works Full Port we were looking to maintain the house style but with an explorative, complimentary new twist on what people might have previously tasted. On the nose, there’s lots of cinder toffee and burnt sugar, with marzipan, vanilla fudge and dark chocolate coming through on the palate, and a bonfire toffee and hibiscus finish. Our Wire Works house style is ever present, but with some of the signature rich sweet notes amplified through the port wood influence.”

Wire Works Full Port is available now via specialist retailers and the Distillery, RRP: £67.

Wire Works Full Port Tasting

Notes:Cinder toffee, burnt sugar and cherry lozenges on the nose, with flavours of vanilla fudge, dark chocolate and marzipan on the palate with a bonfire toffee and hibiscus finish.

Nose: Bakewell pudding, milk chocolate, cinder toffee, burnt sugar, cinnamon buns, liquorice all sorts, cherry lozenges, toasted almond, candied ginger, strawberry jam.

Palate: Marzipan, strawberries and cream, tinned peaches, lemon curd, vanilla fudge, spearmint, dark chocolate, grapefruit zest and iced buns.

Finish: Cherry pie filling, bonfire toffee, hibiscus, biltong, and eucalyptus.

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