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Dear Friends in Spirits,

As we bid our fond farewells to summer and its pleasantries, not necessarily whisky related, we move into fall with its calmer and cooler days perfect for whisky appreciation.

The most recent event on our calendar was the Beam Global, Legends of Whisky Dinner which took place at the Los Gatos Brewing Company in San Jose. The evening presented specially selected dishes paired with Canadian Club, Knob Creek Single Barrel, Booker’s and Laphroaig 18 year. The evening brought the ambassadors of these very whiskies to you, up close and personal, for a unique first-hand experience.
Dan Tullio (Canadian Club),Bernie Lubbers (Small Batch Bourbon)  (Check out Bernie's new Bourbon Blog and his new book at and Simon Brooking (Laphroaig and lets not forget Ardmore)
were on hand for a splendid evening. The “Legends” had a legendary success with a sold out crowd of 60. The presentations were great, the atmosphere warm and spirited, and at the end of the evening we shared an ineffable sample of the new and already sought-after Laphroaig release, Cairdeas!

For those of you who asked, the Whisky Shop (415-989-1030) in San Francisco has it in stock and can ship it to you.

After dinner we adjourned to the patio with our fabulous ambassadors for a cigar smoke supplied by West Coast Cigars in San Jose.

Whisky Dinner 9 12 11

Don’t forget to claim your plot of Islay at the Laphroaig Distillery. If you didn’t join our dinner and get a claim number for your own piece of Scottish real estate, you can get a claim number when you buy a bottle of Laphroaig. Once you get your registered square foot plot, log on to the Friends of Laphroaig website and find out who your neighbors are.

Got Tickets?
If you weren’t able to attend the dinner don’t be too disappointed;  simply look forward to our upcoming private dinners, whisky events and the main WOW Expo on March 31, 2012. For those dollar-conscious (and who of us aren’t) now is the best time to purchase Expo tickets at the lowest price possible and not have to worry about the event selling out. To ensure the most intimate atmosphere at the expo we strictly limit the number of VIP and Dram Club tickets so we encourage you to purchase your tickets now and enjoy all the benefits of early admission.  If you’re up for more than just one night of whisky indulgence at the WoW Expo we welcome you to join our Best Dram Club. As is our tradition at the Whiskies of the World Expo, Dram Club members receive an invitation to an exclusive pre-Expo party at a popular San Francisco Whisky Bar. Dram Clubbers also receive discounts on our whisky dinners. It’s not only the good whisky but the great camaraderie, learning about and appreciation of fine spirits that make a tasting event truly special.

What does the Expo have in store for us?

In its 13th year (and we’re not superstitious), we expect the Expo to grow and add new names to the already impressive pour list. You will be happy to see many familiar brands bringing their new expressions alongside new companies with their first-to-the- market creations. Moët Hennessy brings us two must-stop-by booths, Glenmorangie and Ardbeg. Last year, Glenmorangie presented Finealta, a painstaking recreation of a single malt recipe dating back to 1903. We talked to David Blackmore, Glenmorangie Brand Ambassador, who promised us a surprise whisky from the Private Edition. David, we can’t wait for an exciting sampling from your booth. What could be better than to learn about Scotch from a native Scott!

Another notable Expo destination is the exhibit of Aberlour, Scapa, Longmorn, and The Glenlivet all in one spot. The Glenlivet will showcase a range of whiskies wonderful in the diversity of their origins, aging methods, and taste profiles. Aberlour will share some remarkable expressions with you, single malts that are double cask matured in the best quality ex-sherry butts and ex-bourbon casks from 10 to 18 years. When mature, whisky from the two types of casks are brought together for the first time and the different flavors and textures are subtly merged. The most recent release of Aberlour, A'bunadh', offers an excellent alternative to its more traditional siblings. Sherried, cask strength and single cask - what more could a malthead with an inclination towards sherry want.

On to the local front of ardent drinks; many of you have probably heard of Craft Distillers or even sampled their small batch whiskeys, brandies and cognacs at the Expo. Located in the heart of the Mendocino wine County, the distillery produces authentic spirits using an old-fashioned, hands-on pot-distillation method since 1982. Last year, they presented Low Gap Whiskey, produced from malted Bavarian Wheat, spiked with yeast normally used for Wine or Brandy production and distilled twice on antique Cognac still. This novelty in micro-distillation resulted in an  amazingly aromatic, yet at the same time incredibly clean unaged spirit, that’s what we’ve been told by the expert--you! This year, Ansley Coale, the co-founder, will bring a new “fruit” of creation, or rather, distillation, White Dog Whiskey. The product is completely new, so we will be waiting for your post- Expo verdicts again.

Those of you who seek adventurous whisky or whiskies with a “twist” are likely to have discovered Amrut, a notable Indian whisky distilled in the finest single malt traditions. Amrut whisky is highly rated by Jim Murray, who noted the non-scotch flourish at the finish and the non-peated character of the malt (a few 2011 Whisky Bibles available for those who’d like to read more).  However, Amrut recently introduced a peated expression and all of us will be looking forward to the Expo to experience a different variation of peatiness as compared with Scottish whisky. You’ll find Amrut at the Purple Valley Imports booth and we know they always bring many unconventional and rare whiskies.

Did we whet your palate and set you in a festive and anticipatory mood? Mark your calendar for the Whiskies of the World® Expo, March 31 and buy your tickets now while the sale is still on. It will be a night like no other!

 Summer Ticket Sale Ends Sept 30

Don't wait any longer. These will be the lowest prices and tickets are refundable until Dec 31.

13th Annual
Whiskies Of The World Expo, 

March 31, 2012

SF Belle


  Regular Price Summer Sale price
General Adm (6:00 pm – 9pm) $120  $105
VIP : (5:15 pm – 9:pm) $150 $130

Dram Club  (5:00 pm - 9pm)  
$130  $115
Dram Club Membership   $60 $40 

(Early Bird Tickets are refundable until Dec 31)

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Hilton SFWe arranged a courtesy block of rooms in The Hilton Financial District Hotel, which is located just a few blocks away from the Hornblower's Pier 3, and is close to major downtown tourist destinations. WoW participants will receive an exclusive rate of $139per night + tax, which is valid for the night of the Expo, and the two adjacent nights. We also negotiated $30 Overnight Self Parking for WoW attendees. (If you know SF, you know this is a 33% discount.)

Book online
Or call the hotel directly at 800-445-8667 and mention the code WHIS.
Please note that the supply of discounted rooms is limited. 
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