The Macallan M Collection: A Prism Into The World Of The Macallan

Credit Photography by Nick Knight

The Macallan has unveiled The Macallan M Collection, a range of limited release single malt whiskies which celebrates the brand's acclaimed Six Pillars.

The Six Pillars are the foundation stones that account for The Macallan's distinctive and exceptional whiskies and comprise Natural Colour, Mastery, Curiously Small Spirit Stills, The Estate, Exceptional Oak Casks and Sherry Seasoning.

The Macallan M Collection features an array of colours embodying these unique attributes and reflecting the emotions that drive the brand. The first three expressions are the 2022 editions of M and M Black and the brand-new M Copper, which pays tribute to the unique copper stills utilised by The Macallan since it was founded in 1824.

The Macallan M 2022 Release

M embodies Natural Colour, a result of The Macallan's commitment to craftsmanship and dedication to using the finest, 100% natural ingredients and sherry seasoned oak casks. A rare spirit epitomising transparency, it has matured in a small number of hand-selected casks and is encased in a handcrafted Lalique crystal decanter showcasing the whisky's natural rich amber hue. M reveals the distillery's classic sherry seasoned, full-flavoured character imparting notes of chocolate, rich dried fruit and spice.

The Macallan M Black 2022 Release

M Black represents The Macallan's dedication to Mastery and unwavering trust in its craft. Rare, black ended sherry seasoned oak casks holding peated spirit have been selected by the Whisky Mastery Team to create this unique expression. The handcrafted Lalique black crystal decanter reflects the peat smoke within the whisky and the confidence which drives The Macallan whisky makers as they boldly marry classic Macallan notes with peated whisky. A subtly smoky expression, it displays a rich natural colour of golden sunrise and balances The Macallan's classic character with an unexpected peated note.

The Macallan M Copper 2022 Release

M Copper reflects the Curiously Small Spirit Stills that are a defining feature of The Macallan's distillation process. They represent a pivotal moment in whisky-making history as when most moved to larger, higher production copper stills, The Macallan focused on quality and their distinctive shape and size help to concentrate the new make spirit, creating the rich, robust character.

With a natural colour of spun gold, M Copper is a vibrant expression which brings the flavours created in the stills to the fore. It has a buttery, viscous mouth coating and is bursting in fruitiness with a hint of sweet malty flavour. A handcrafted Lalique copper coloured crystal decanter also reflects the stills and the authenticity which drives the brand through its dedication to innovative methods.

Visually representing the Six Pillars, the decanters are created in collaboration with renowned creative director, Fabien Baron and French crystal maker Lalique. Envisioned by Baron, they feature six facets while Lalique brings refinement and flawless clarity and the outer packaging for the decanters also denotes the Six Pillars and is sustainably sourced in Scotland.

mark the launch of the collection, The Macallan has worked with luxury fashion photographer and creative visionary Nick Knight, to create a series of photography and film in his abstract and expressionistic style.

Jaume Ferras, Global Creative Director for The Macallan, said: "Our Six Pillars foundation stones embody all that is unique to The Macallan, together underpinning the renowned quality and rich character of our whisky. The Macallan M Collection tells the story of these unique attributes and our dedication to uncompromised excellence."

Silvio Denz, Chairman and CEO of Lalique, said: "It is an honour to work with The Macallan - our long-standing partner for 16 years - to realise this exquisite collection and showcase our shared sense of mastery, craftsmanship and heritage. The decanters are completely unique in the world of decanters, very difficult to produce because of their shape and Lalique's masters of crystal have relished applying their most complex skills to bring Fabien Baron's creative vision to life."

For each 70cl decanter, The Macallan M 2022 Release has an RRSP of $6,750 / £5,000, The Macallan M Black 2022 Release has an RRSP of $7,600 / £5,700 and The Macallan M Copper 2022 Release has an RRSP of $8,500 / £6,250.

The Macallan M Collection will be available worldwide in both domestic and travel retail markets including The Macallan Estate, The Macallan Airport Boutiques, selected luxury hotels and bars and premium retailers around the world from 20th June 2022. For further information visit

Whisky Maker's Notes:

The Macallan M 2022 Release

ABV: 45%
Nose: Sweet black cherry and demerara sugar with a sensorial mix of polished oak and leather, softened with hints of indulgent chocolate and vanilla.
Palate: Herbal notes of liquorice and tea leaves combined with smooth crème anglaise and chocolate orange with a hint of wood spice.
Finish: Rich dried fruit and decadent dark chocolate.

The Macallan M Black 2022 Release

ABV: 46%
Nose: Fresh apple, pear and citrus combined with sweet dates developing into a subtle light peat.
Palate: Candied oranges, charred peaches and honeyed fig combined with sultana, decadent dark chocolate, emerging into a warming peat and spiced ginger.
Finish: Long peat smoke and sweet raisin.

The Macallan M Copper 2022 Release

ABV: 42%
Nose: Sweet banana, pear and white peach combined with malty biscuit, marshmallow and vanilla with a hint of citrus lemon.
Palate: Pear drops, caramelised banana and sherbet, developing into malt and spiced oak.
Finish: Long, smooth toasted oak.

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