Penderyn Welsh Whisky Makes Its Debut in India, Celebrating Strengthening India-UK Economic Ties

As India and the UK move closer to finalising a bilateral free trade agreement, premium Welsh whisky distiller Penderyn marked the milestone by expanding into the thriving Indian spirits market this week during a high-profile launch event in India.

Attended by business leaders and government officials from both countries, the trade celebration served to spotlight the new export opportunities opening up for Penderyn and other UK alcohol brands under the proposed trade pact.

Tariffs on whisky and spirits imports are expected be eliminated or significantly reduced once an agreement is signed, paving the way for rapid growth in the sector.

Penderyn’s entrance into India showcases the Welsh whisky brand on one of the world’s fastest growing retail stages. The company joins an elite group of premium international spirit makers now exporting products to India as tastes for luxury alcoholic beverages continue to rise among the nation’s expanding base of upper middle class urban consumers.

For Penderyn, the world’s second largest whisky market represents a lucrative new source of growth to go with current exports reaching over 50 countries around the globe. As India’s expanding household incomes shape spending habits and consumption patterns for decades to come, Penderyn is strategically positioned to emerge as a category leader in the market. “We’re thrilled to add India to our list of export countries as we continue building Penderyn into a globally recognized premium Welsh whisky marque,” said Stephen Davies, Penderyn Distillery CEO.

“This week's launch is a milestone reflecting both India’s emergence as an economic powerhouse and Britain’s expanding trade relations in South Asia and beyond.” Founded in 2000, Penderyn Distillery revived Wales’ great whisky tradition, creating the first Welsh whisky in over 100 years. It’s an ultra-premium single malt crafted by Penderyn, who have three distilleries in Wales, in Penderyn, Llandudno and Swansea, and are the ‘Home of Welsh Whisky.’

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