Glenmorangie Shines A Dazzling New Light On Its Infinitely Delicious 18 Years Old

Endlessly complex Glenmorangie Infinita is reimagined with luxurious new look

Glenmorangie today celebrates the infinite deliciousness of its award-winning 18-year-old whisky with a bold new look and evocative name. Shining a brilliant new light on its luxury flagship, the Highland single malt Scotch whisky showcases the limitless flavours of Glenmorangie Infinita 18 Years Old. With elegant floral notes threaded through honey, dried-fruit depths and subtle spiciness, this single malt is regarded by its creator as his most complex and beautifully balanced whisky.

Led by renowned Director of Whisky Creation Dr Bill Lumsden, Glenmorangie’s whisky makers are endlessly imaginative on their mission to dream up delicious whiskies. And many years ago, intent on creating the quintessential Glenmorangie, Dr Bill first brought The Infinita to life. Fragrant and multi-layered, his favourite whisky has been delighting the experts ever since, winning dozens of top accolades.

The Infinita begins with Glenmorangie’s silky, fruity spirit, crafted using water from its mineral-rich water source, The Tarlogie Springs. It is distilled in Glenmorangie’s giraffe-high stills, whose height allows more space for taste and aroma. For the first 15 years, this whisky rests in hand-selected American oak bourbon casks. Then, a portion is transferred into Oloroso sherry casks for three more years. Once 18 years have passed, Dr Bill reunites them in a single malt so infinitely complex it brings a wondrous new flavour experience with every sip. You might scent honeyed notes rippling across pools of caramelised orange. Or taste gardens of jasmine and lemon blossom, touched by the breeze. Or a rhapsody of warm, figgy richness and orange marmalade depths, warmed with a gentle spiciness.

The whisky’s limitless deliciousness is stunningly reflected in vibrant new packaging to be rolled out around the world from November 2023. The bold blue hue of its gift box is threaded with luxurious linework, which curves into a beautiful infinity symbol. And on the whisky’s distinctively elegant bottle, the label glows with a rich copper tone – a tribute to Glenmorangie’s signature copper stills.

Dr Bill Lumsden said: “For me, Glenmorangie Infinita encapsulates every element of our house style in perfect harmony and is our most deliciously complex creation. A favourite with whisky lovers old and new, it seamlessly unites subtle sherry-cask hints and woody notes from its great age, with our Distillery’s signature soft and fruity character. The result is a beautifully balanced single malt so multi-layered, it’s as if you are drinking a different whisky every time.

“There are aromas of honey, vanilla, narcissus and jasmine, and tastes of figs, dates, nuts, gentle spices and more. Fans of Glenmorangie 18 Years Old can rest assured that our wondrous whisky is unchanged. I’m sure they’ll agree that, as its new name suggests, Glenmorangie Infinita is deliciousness without end.”

Glenmorangie The Infinita is now available in the UK at and on Amazon, RRP: £130.

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