Drams Delivered To Your Door - The World’s Biggest Whisky Club Drops New Monthly Subscription Service

Whisky enthusiasts can now take their passion to the next level and have exceptional cask strength single malt whiskies delivered to their doors every month thanks to The Scotch Malt Whisky Society's new 'Drop & Dram' subscription service

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS), the worldwide club renowned for its exceptional limited edition cask strength single malt whiskies, is launching a brand new monthly whisky subscription service – Drop & Dram.

Drop & Dram is aimed at whisky enthusiasts in the UK who are looking to discover new flavours and take their passion for whisky to the next level.

The news comes as the Society celebrates its 40th anniversary year. Started by a group of friends in Edinburgh in 1983, the Society is now the world's biggest whisky club with around 30 branches across the world including China, Australia and the USA, and close to 40,000 members.

For £45 a month, Drop & Dram subscribers will receive a pack containing three carefully curated limited edition 50ml bottles of the Society's cask strength single malt whisky, alongside detailed tasting notes for each of the three bottles, allowing them to delve into the depths of each whisky's character. Additionally, links to exclusive videos about each bottle by the Society's ambassadors will provide further insights into the stories and flavours of the featured whiskies.

What sets the Drop & Dram subscription apart is that subscribers will also gain monthly membership to the SMWS, providing them with the opportunity to purchase full-sized 70cl bottles of their favourite whiskies, as well as attend Society venues and participate in its exclusive events and tastings.

The packs will focus on a different theme each month and there will be a limited number of packs available each month. The first Drop & Dram pack will introduce subscribers to the world of first fill casks - casks previously used for Bourbon or sherry that have been filled with whisky for the first time. In keeping with the Society's unique convention of giving its bottles fun and evocative names inspired by their flavours, the whiskies are called Shrimps in the sauna; Tweed-clad picnic hamper; and All the fun of the flicks.

Speaking about the launch of Drop & Dram, Julie Roberts, Brand Innovation Manager, said, "We're thrilled to introduce Drop & Dram to whisky enthusiasts across the UK. This subscription service is a gateway to the world of SMWS, offering an unparalleled whisky adventure for those who are as passionate about exploring whisky flavours as we are.

"With each carefully curated Drop & Dram pack, subscribers will embark on a journey of discovery, uncovering the remarkable stories and flavours that our unique single cask single malt whiskies have to offer. Beyond the whisky, they will also become members of the Society and join a like-minded community that shares their passion for whisky discovery and exploration."

Drop & Dram subscriptions go on sale on the 29th November. With demand expected to be high and a limited number of packs available each month, the Society has launched a sign-up for priority access on their site which is available here or at https://smws.com/introducing-drop-and-dram/

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