Limited-edition Glenfarclas Pagoda Ruby Reserve released in Glencairn Crystal decanters embellished with rubies

Limited-edition Glenfarclas Pagoda Ruby Reserve released in Glencairn Crystal decanters embellished with rubies

Glenfarclas has globally released it’s much awaited limited-edition Pagoda Ruby Reserve. The distillery’s oldest whisky released to date has been aged for 62 years and is beautifully presented in a stunning Glencairn decanter featuring hand-mounted precious rubies. 

The Glenfarclas Pagoda Ruby Reserve joins the critically acclaimed Pagoda Reserve Trilogy, that comprises extremely rare whiskies aged 43, 48 and 59 years old. A further addition to the Pagoda Reserve Series will be released later this year with the Pagoda Sapphire Reserve 63 years old. 

The Ruby Reserve is available in two editions:

  • Limited Edition Silver, just 180 bottles (700ml) and 62 magnums available

  • Collector’s Edition Gold, only 50 bottles (700ml) and 50 magnums available.

Prices range from £22,716 (ex VAT) for the Limited Edition Silver 700 ml decanters, to £53,546 (ex VAT) for the Collector’s Edition Gold magnum decanters (1.5 litres) 

Scottish family business, Glencairn Crystal, specially created these luxury decanters to contain the rare whiskies for the Pagoda Reserve Series produced from the highest quality hand blown 30% lead crystal, renowned for its ultra-clarity.  

Ruby Pagoda Glencairn Decanter

The Pagoda Ruby Reserve decanter is a showcase of Glencairn’s bespoke craftsmanship, as their first decanter ever to encase hand-mounted precious gemstones. The front age statement features 34 hand-picked and colour matched rubies to construct the number 62, to highlight the significance of the age of the whisky.  

The sides of the decanter feature Chinese Guardian Lions in a carefully selected deep red to compliment the red crystal Pagoda shaped stopper. The solid silver and gold plated collars of the two editions are both individually numbered and infilled with a unique design and the Pagoda top is also engraved representing the Silk Road. The total effect is to provide flowing movement across the decanter from base to top. 

With exceptional attention to detail from the outset, The Glenfarclas Pagoda Reserve Series features some of the most exclusive whiskies ever to reach the market. George Grant Glenfarclas Distillery Director (6th Generation) along with Scotland’s Ambassador to whisky in China and Keeper of The Quaich, Stephen Notman, carefully selected the very finest, super premium timeless casks. Distilled in three iconic whisky making decades of the last century, each special vintage predates the 1972 decommissioning of the famous Pagoda shaped kiln at Glenfarclas. 

Glencairn Crystal was commissioned to produce its finest crystal cut decanters to house these exquisite whiskies. Finished with valuable gemstones and precious metals, each decanter is a work of art and embraces the pagoda symbol of Scottish whisky production and the quality and rarity of the whiskies within.  

George Grant of Glenfarclas Distillery commented: “I take great pleasure in releasing this extremely rare 1954, single sherry butt cask 62 year old. The Glenfarclas Pagoda Ruby Reserve is a rare piece of Scotch whisky heritage and one of the oldest whiskies on the market today”. 

Scott Davidson, Glencairn’s New Product Development Director, commented: “It has been an honour to create some of our finest ever decanters to pay homage to and celebrate the exceptional whiskies in the Glenfarclas Pagoda Reserve Series. We’re especially proud of the Ruby Reserve decanter as it has enabled us to showcase the talent of our craftspeople, some of whom have over 30 years experience in working with crystal. It has been a huge developmental project for us in aspects such as developing the tall, intricate, magnetic Pagoda top and a first for us in using precious rubies to embellish the decanter. We look forward to revealing the Pagoda Sapphire Reserve decanter to the whisky world alongside Glenfarclas later in the year.” 

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